Which John Boat Is Right for You?

You see them wherever you go: John boats used by amateur and pro fishermen, boat rental companies, anyone with a heartbeat and a love of the water. John boats have seen a rise in popularity over the years due to their cost effectiveness and long list of benefits compared to other, costlier boats. For example, John boats using the transom design can have an outboard motor mounted directly on the boat, making them able to sail with the bigger players on the water. The classic John boat design is like a pontoon, making use of a wide and flat boat bottom. It’s design makes it very sturdy on the water and less prone to rocking and best of all, it can fit three people very comfortably. That makes for an excellent size fishing party with enough room to fit everyone’s fishing gear on board.

With so many types of boat choices available on the market, you should educate yourself on a few considerations regarding John boats and whether they are right for you. The first question to ask yourself is what will you be wanting from your boat? In other words, what will you use it for?

kl industries american john boatIf you can figure out whether it is for fishing or simply for taking your family out on the water on the weekends, you’ll want to bring that up in discussion at your local boat dealer. This way the salesperson can help you pick the right John boat to suit your needs best. Since there are so many rigging options for John boats, it’s also helpful to customize the options you can get with the boat. Some dealers may even have special option packages with a few bundled together for a specific type of use.

If you have other friends who have boats, it doesn’t hurt to ask them what dealers they went to and what type of selection was available. Also, don’t limit yourself to local dealers. Today, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, there are tons of online boat dealerships where you can easily see pictures of a John boat before you buy it and place an order online. To get the best pricing, compile a list of dealerships both local and online, and write does a features list and cost. Just because a John boat is listed at the cheapest price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. In fact, you should let your maximum budget determine the your selection rather than pure cost compared to other boats. Get the best John boat you can afford because it will save you headaches and regret in the long run. John boats are simple by design and construction, so it should last you a very long time. Make sure you are satisfied with your purchase before committing.

While you are are the dealership, don’t forget to ask about non-boat related questions like financing options and warranty. These should play a factor into the purchase though they don’t seem to stand out at first. With so many different boat manufacturers in the market, the warranty coverage, length, and quality can vary greatly between John boat models. Be sure to know what the exact terms are.

Another decision you will have to make is the boat construction material. A fiberglass boat will be quite expensive but will not rot like a wood boat which may have some higher maintenance on your end. Aluminum John boats are a great compromise since they can be used in salty water like wood and fiberglass boats, contrary to popular belief, and won’t rot like wood or cost you as much as fiberglass.

If this is your first boat or you are an amateur to boating, then John boats are the perfect stepping stone into the world of aquatic vessels. They are simple by design, easy to take care, affordable, and will let you learn more and more about boating as you enjoy each year of ownership. Even veteran fishermen still use their first John boats after decades of use because they are just so reliable and easy to use.

Last Revision: May 4, 2017

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