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How to Replace Boat Carpet

Replacing boat carpet is fairly easy to do with the right tools. It’s a project anyone can tackle over the weekend. If you use your boat frequently, you’ll know that the boat carpet is often one of the first things to wear out. While carpets are comfortable, they simply don’t stand up to the elements as well as vinyl or wood.

Carpet Removal

Older carpet is easy to remove with just a few hand tools. Clean off any remaining glue and inspect the wood or fiberglass deck for water damage before installing new carpet. While the carpet is removed on older crafts, it is a good idea to check below deck for hidden structural damage and to inspect the condition of the fuel tanks.

Cutting to Size

The best way to cut carpet or floor vinyl to size is to use an oversized measurement and cut a piece before applying the glue. Rough-cut a piece of carpet that is larger than the area to be covered. By laying the piece in place, custom cuts for an exact fit can be made using a sharp carpet or utility knife. After the fit is right, remove the carpet.

Applying Adhesive

Simply apple the adhesive to the deck when temperatures are about 65°F and trowel into place with 100% coverage. Allow adhesive to tack properly and set carpet in place. Apply pressure to carpet or use a roller from the center to all edges to remove unwanted air bubbles. Refrain from vacuuming or foot traffic until adhesive has time to properly bond and dry.

Tips on Boat Rubber Flooring Online Shopping

Recent statistics show that more and more people are buying boat rubber flooring and other types of boat flooring material online instead of visiting local boating goods stores.  In fact, there has been an increasing trend in people who turn to online shopping to buy their daily necessities.  You can buy just about anything under the sun off the internet or reputable websites.  Shopping online has made the task of finding boat flooring supplies much easier and much faster.  Instead of having to take the time out of your day to drive out to the closest boat supply store, shopping online for things like boat rubber flooring saves you time and money.

Time is important and valuable for everyone.  There are many people who lead such busy lifestyles that make it close to impossible for them to fit in a remodeling project into their schedule.  However, sometimes you’ll find it inevitable that your boat or yacht is in need of an upgrade.  This can be due to a number of things such as lack of maintenance, lack of protection from weather conditions, or simply old age.  Whatever the cause is, you, as the owner must protect your assets and have them fixed regularly as long as you want them in good working condition.

Luckily, there are many websites that can point you in the right direction as to how to repair or refinish yacht flooring yourself.  Nowadays, cheap DIY maintenance routines for your boat floors can be found all throughout the internet.  Not only is it cheaper to maintain the condition of your boat flooring yourself, but also better for prolonging the lifespan of it as well.

A good way to save lots of time is to order your building materials online.  For instance, if you are looking to install boat flooring yourself (rubber flooring in particular) then buying some recycled rubber flooring would probably be your first step of action.  An added benefit of installing boat rubber flooring is that you are inadvertently promoting the notion of recycling rubber to help save the environment.

The selection of boat rubber flooring available to you online is extensive.  The good thing about online shopping is that all your boat rubber flooring supplies will be delivered right to your door.  You won’t have to go scrounging around local boat flooring supply stores for something that you may only find online.  There are many styles, colors, and patterns of boat rubber flooring for you to choose from online—much more so than if you were to visit a local boat flooring supply store.  Sometimes what you want or need may not be in stock at the store.  These stores have limited storage space—making it harder for them to keep up their stock of flooring.  They can order more for you, but cannot guarantee a speedy delivery or even that the manufacturer is still producing them.

Shopping online for boat rubber flooring is to the point and convenient.  You don’t have to hassle yourself with the prospect of driving from one boat floor supplier to the next and ultimately not being able to find what you were looking for in the end.  As long as you keep in mind a few safety precautions and do your research, shopping online is safe and easy.

As you shop online for you boat rubber flooring, keep these in mind:

  • Reputability – Research up on the reputation of the supplier.  Make sure that the company is reliable, offers fast deliveries, and has been well rated by its customers.
  • Shop around – Consider your options first before you ultimately decide on purchasing any particular boat rubber flooring.  Don’t just buy the first rubber flooring you come across.
  • Measure – If you’re going to order boat flooring, make sure you know your boat’s dimensions!
  • Compare prices – Even if two suppliers offer the same boat flooring, they may sell them at different prices.
  • Check out the return policies – Read through the return policies carefully before you decide to purchase your boat rubber flooring.

The Most Common Types of Boat Flooring Material

There are a number of different types of boat flooring material, but the most common types found usually fall into one of the same three:

  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Aluminum

These materials are used for boat flooring because they offer a number of performance, build, and construction benefits ideal for boats. Deciding on the best boat flooring material can be difficult if you aren’t fully aware of what each building type has to offer. While fiberglass, wood, and aluminum are each great in their own regards, there are also a few drawbacks you need to know about too. After reading through each of the three types, you should be better equipped to make an informed decision for your boating needs.


fiberglass boat flooring materialYou will find many boats made of this material. It is superbly easy to work with and shape and is well suited for the harsh conditions of the marine environment. Because fiberglass is a mature industry and is used for a variety of other applications, the cost of fiberglass and labor is moderate.

Though fiberglass material is quite strong and durable, when it cracks it can be burdensome to repair. Though fiberglass offers low cleaning maintenance, repairing it is a different story altogether and can be time consuming and needed often.


wood boat flooring materialWooded boat flooring is beautiful and rich and still offers great marine performance. Wood is also quite easy to work with and install and its cost mostly varies depending on the type of wood used. Teak wood flooring is highly prized for its all weather resistant qualities and is often found in outdoor furniture for the same reason. However, teak comes from only one region in Asia and is pricey in this regard. Another great alternative is oak, which is flexible and strong and shares the same water resistant properties found in teak.

First time boat owners will often not realize that a wood deck will change color after continuous exposure to the sun and water. Wood wears well and is extremely rugged, but will require periodic refinishing in order to preserve the coloring.


aluminum boat flooring materialAluminum boats are becoming a popular alternative to fiberglass boats for a number of reasons. Aluminum is easy to maintain and clean and the cost of installation is quite low. Aluminum is also a lightweight yet very strong material, as evidenced by its widespread use in today’s vehicles on the road. Compared to wood, aluminum is lighter pound for pound and can greatly reduce the weight of your boat.

Installation of an aluminum boat floor can be expensive and time consuming process. Its up front cost often deters boat owners who don’t realize the long term savings and maintenance benefits.

How to Choose Teak Flooring for Your Boat

Teak flooring is a wonderful eye-catching upgrade you can make for any boat to instantly give it a traditional nautical look with some class. Teak wood is highly valued for its nautical-friendly characteristics. Not only does it look rich and beautiful, it lasts longer than other types of wood when exposed to the water and sun. That’s why you’ll find a lot of outdoor furniture made from teak as well. Teak flooring is naturally weatherproof which is great for boat flooring providers as there is less prep work needed to get it ready to see action on a boat deck.

There are actually two different types of teak wood flooring you can find on a boat. The newer modern teak decks are actually mostly decorative and are laid over a sub-deck of fiberglass or some other type of supportive material. The older teak decks use traditional planks of wood laid over a frame that actually serves as the deck structure. If you are buying a used boat with a teak floor or are considering teak deck options, then it’s important to know that no caulking is needed except when there is actually physical damage to the appearance that exposes the wood underneath. However, this should be a continuous maintenance process kept up until your boat is sold or retired.

Make sure that your teak flooring is not laid over steel plate decks as steel can rust. Over time, water will seep through the wood and cause the steel underneath to swell and make the floor uneven. If you have a boat where you cannot avoid this, then make sure the steel deck webbing has holes for moisture to escape.

boat teak flooringThe beauty of a traditional teak floor deck is truly due to a craftsman’s artistic skills. Older teak planks are actually padded by cotton that is pounded right into the grooves between the planks. This gives the deck some fluidity as it will expand and contract with the wood, maintaining a consistent layer that will not leak through the seams. It also holds the planks firmly into place and does not allow them to shift around.

Your teak deck will last for the lifetime of your boat with careful maintenance. Though the color may fade in a few months from a new genuine teak wood floor, it will continue to function as a good boat floor as it has for hundreds of years. Teak has natural grip even in wet conditions and is a hardy, weather-proof material. Always wash the deck after every use and use salt water to prevent drying water from altering the wood’s shape, allowing cracks to form.