How to Install Boat Flooring Yourself

If you’re the handy type and would enjoy the challenge and prospect of outfitting your deck with some new boat flooring, then you may be pleased at how easy the process actually is. This installation video shows you how to install marine carpeting on your boat deck in just a few simple steps. Before you buy or order anything, first get a cutout of your boat floor so you know exactly how much material you need. With butcher paper, simply spread it over your boat floor and draw the lines where the borders of the floor are. Use scissors if necessary to trim any holes that are needed and then cut it to shape. This template will serve as the cutting guideline for your actual carpeting. Lay it down on the marine carpeting and use a razor knife to cut out the shape. This method is very helpful because you can order only exactly the amount of boat flooring that you need without a huge expense or worrying about ordering too much. While professional installation is always recommended, this can be a fun and easy project that will save you money on installation costs.

Last Revision: Apr 1, 2017

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